Michigan Rustics Original Twin Rustic Cedar Log Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a great means of relaxation and they can be selected as per the décor of your camping conditions or lodge settings. You can attract guests by offering luxurious beds. They can be set up easily at your home as well so that you can make the most of your space. Children will have great fun to sleep and play with bunk beds. You can choose the right size as per your needs.


The original twin rustic cedar log bunk bed has great features. It is strong in shape and size. The bunk bed will fulfill your needs in the best possible way. As you choose the best bunk bed, you will bring the outdoors in. The bunk bed has sturdy logs and it is possible to reach the top bed with the help of the ladder.

There are no side rails or metal frames. Hence, users will have great convenience in using the log bunk bed. The ladder is built with the strong logs and it is handcrafted so that you will make the most of your investment. The dimensions of the bed are 72” x 85” x 46”. You can install the bunk bed in your bedrooms and lodges without any issues.If you would like to install a variety of bed at the lodging or camping site, you should go for the log bunk bed. They are available in various stains. The bunk bed is affordable and it can be maintained for many years without any issues.

Why should you go for Twin Rustic Log Bunk Bed?

There are several reasons to go for Twin Rustic Log Bunk Bed. The bunk bed has great potential to save floor space so that you can make the most of your investment. The mortise and tenon construction can withstand heavy abuse.

The bunk bed is handcrafted with the German peeled white cedar logs and they are procured from ‘Northwoods’ of Michigan. The bunk beds are apt for any setting. As these beds are sold in unfinished form, there will be great aroma. The checking will take place over a period of time and natural stains will be formed on the wood. There will not be any change in the functionality of the wood when you choose the best bed made with high quality materials. You are advised to choose a bunk bed made by a reputed manufacturer so that the life is very much enhanced.


  • Comes with strong mortise and tenon construction
  • Durable finish
  • Great looks


  • Requires installation
  • Should maintain it as per the instructions


The log bunk bed can be assembled very easily by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The head and food boards can be assembled very easily with the help of mortise and tenon joints. You will not want to know about the woodworking technology to assemble the bed. There will be great change in the appearance of the room when you choose the best bed as per the décor of the home or lodge.

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