Michigan Rustics Original Full over Double Rustic Cedar Log Bunk Bed

Wooden bunk beds are great means to save space and you can manage comfortable sleeping experience. You should go through the materials, construction and workmanship before placing an order. Even though an online order is placed, the product might not be delivered at your doorsteps because of its volume and weight. Hence, you should take steps to collect the product from the truck. The product can be setup easily by following the instructions given by the manufacturer.


The log bunk bed is made with mortise and tenon construction. The installation is made simple by following the simple step-by-step instructions. There is great demand for rustic bunk beds in North America. They will deliver complete log structure. You will not want to go for metal frames. No side rails are required when you order the top-quality product.

The bed has a built-in ladder so that it can be accessed very easily. The dimensions of the product are 72” x 85” x 63”. As you install the rustic bed in your bedroom, you can bring the outdoor atmosphere without any issues. The bunk bed is handcrafted by using the cedar logs which are available in ‘northwoods’ of Michigan.

You can deploy bunk beds made with cedar in your cabin or lodge. It is possible to give a great facelift to your interiors with deployment of the bunk bed. You can take advantage of the aroma offered by the bunk bed when it is sold in the unfinished form.

Benefit of bunk beds

The log bunk bed will reach your destination in completely disassembled form. The head and foot boards can be assembled very easily with the help of the mortise and tenon construction. You can take advantage of free shipping provided by FedEx. There are various sizes of mattresses available from the supplier. You can order the product as per your needs.

You should go through the features of the bed before placing an order. The size of the bed, the lower bunk separation capability and stairs (or ladder) will influence your decision. There are rustic bunk beds meant for kids as well as adults. If you are in need of camp furniture, you are advised to go through the details carefully so that you will settle for the best product without any issues.


  • Ergonomically designed furniture
  • Great craftsmanship


  • Little assembly is required
  • Should be maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions


As you go for log bunk bed made with cedar logs, there will be great appearance. The stability of the product is guaranteed when you assemble it as per the instructions. The long lasting rustic bed will help you relax in style and there will not be back pain. You can choose a bed that complements the décor of your lodge or camping environment so that there will be great satisfaction. Handcrafted bunk beds will entertain the needs of guests in the best possible way as they are a great means of relaxation.

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